Thursday, April 17, 2014

theres a first for everything!

its time for another first holiday with my baby!

easter is my favorite holiday. hands down.
i remember more easters as a kid than any other holiday, i'm not sure why?!

my grandma gives all the kids an easter basket until we get married. then i passed the chore on to isaiah ;) i remember the first easter basket he gave me. i was hooked.

& then theres last year. last year easter was on march 31st. the day before my birthday. we spent it up north in the hospital with my grandpa. it was not a fun way to spend easter. but i'm forever thankful that i spent it the way i did. ill never forget the moment that isaiah went to the bathroom and i took the chance to crawl up on the hospital bed with my grandpa for some snuggles. i had my grandpa, my husband and a baby dancing in my belly. that was the last time i got to talk with crapa. two weeks later, he went to heaven.
its hard spending first holidays without someone near and dear to your heart. but having first holidays as a new parent helps with that. something fierce.

this year! i tried telling isaiah we needed a special easter basket for crue but he wasn't exactly having it. i kept hearing "why can't we buy one from target?!" - becauuuuuse. "i don't wanna! he needs his ownnnnn". the battle went on and on.`
it wasn't until my mom came to town that SHE told us he needs an easter basket because its just like needing a stocking on christmas! genius. and of course, isaiah obliged :)

i am OBSESSED with his easter basket. i love that i can use it for a few different reasons, and its collapsable! isaiah loves it too. he told me i did good. now i want a matching one for me. for now, ill settle with my target basket ;) while secretly hoping that next time i order an easter basket, it'll be one for me + baby number 2. one can hope, right?!

already excited for easter next year!
linking up with sarah for the 2014 easter basket hop!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


because the {hashtag}worldstoughestjob?
is also:

and because i cried.
its just that good.

thank you crue, for making me a director of operations.
for making me you mom. <3

Monday, April 14, 2014

crue's nursery.


we haven't finished hanging things or placing in the knick knacks because we haven't hung shelves. we never got the bean bag for his reading corner so we're ditching that whole idea and getting a teepee for his 1st birthday.

i STILL hate the blue walls with a passion and am begging isaiah to re-paint them with hale navy from BM instead of the "navy" thats on there now. his room never became as "nautical" as i had hoped for. maybe thats because of the things still missing?? humph.

i have plenty of ideas for his big boy room.

someday. someday.

the door to enter his room is on a small angled wall which is really weird to me, but when you walk in - you get a glimpse of the whole room. the chevron gallery wall to the left and his crib with his map to the right. the two adjacent walls are his closet & the window wall with his library. right behind the door on the tiny angled wall is a picture of isaiahs dad and my grandpa. leslie+warren. the two men crue got his middle names after. they're both in heaven now so we love seeing these pictures every time we're in here.

i made the banner on a whim at archivers to go above his books when time was running out (or so i thought) and couldn't find/decide what i really wanted to place there.
+ the glider, hamper and light fixture are from west elm. and can i just tell you? that light fixture came with 15 feet of rope. FIFTEEN FEET! our ceilings are maybe 8 feet tall in this room so we had to chop off basically the entire thing since the shade itself is near 2 feet. shaking my head. now i have a huge rope snake in the bottom drawer of his dresser. i wanted to just pile it up in a class container… but again with the shelving… we have none.
+ i got a white lingerie bag from target and have it draped over his hamper. i put all his socks inside at the end of every night. so far, we haven't lost a single sock! whoo!
+ his name on his crib was made at archivers and used for our maternity photos. no one knew his name except our photographer and ill never forget how shy and skittish we were to take it out of the bag and unravel it for photos.
+ the diaper pail is the ubbi. ill recommend it to anyone over and over again. it is simply, THE BEST.
+ the starfish above the door use to be on a wooden stand. it was from my best friend and used as decor when she threw our baby shower.
+ we painted the chevron by ourselves and installed the wood flooring after i tore up the carpet when i was 23 weeks pregnant.
+ "love you to the moon & back" is something isaiah and i have said to each other since we first spilled the words i love you.
"oh the places you'll go" is my favorite book ever. i love dr. suess. it was also my first tattoo, on my foot.
the map is from amazon. we bought it & made the frame for it all while we were waiting for him to arrive. we didn't start the project until after our due date. we wrote a message for him on the back to find someday later in his life.
stripe blanket, , reading lamp behind the glider, aqua cylinder lamp & rug are from ikea. i LOVE that blanket. i may have only been up two late nights in the nursery when C was a newborn, but we were both definitely snuggled up in that blanket. the reading lamp has two bulbs and the tiny one is the perfect night light.
+ anchor lamp from kirklands bought by my mom for him when she came to visit :)
the books are mainly from our baby shower. they all have messages to C inside from the giver. i swap them out with holidays & seasons and store the extras in a smaller dresser thats inside the closet.
the rockabye pirate rocker was a christmas gift to C from my mom {oma}
crib is mini grayson babyletto from baby grand.



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